Intercultural Theology (2,5 EC) Periode B

Periode B: Intercultural Theology (2,5 EC drs. Jos Colijn)

In this module, you are introduced to ‘intercultural theology’. In this discipline, we study and reflect upon ‘conversations’ between Christians from different contexts and continents. What does it mean to be Christian in various cultures and contexts? What are possibilities and pitfalls of intercultural communication and intercultural theological reflection? Paul writes, that together with ‘all the saints’ we can ‘grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ’ (Eph. 3: 16-19).

What can Dutch Christians learn from Christians in non-Western contexts?

Together we will reflect on these intercultural questions and reflect on our own Christian beliefs and practices ’through the eyes of another’.

Learning goals: For more information about the learning goals, check our study guide: Studiegids Bachelor Theologie 2023-2024

Ingangseisen: Om mee te kunnen doen met deze module moet je de propedeuse of de eerste 60 EC van je HBO-opleiding hebben voltooid of in het bezit zijn van een VWO-diploma.

For more information about the examination, check our study guide: Studiegids Bachelor Theologie 2023-2024


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