Centre for Dutch Reformation Studies

In het expertisecentrum Centre for Dutch Reformation Studies (CDRS) werken de kerkhistorici onder leiding van prof. dr. E.A. de Boer samen aan het volgende thema:

Religious Life and Ecclesial Practice: Europe and the Netherlands (16-18th Century).

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“CDRS is Dutch in its primary focus on the Low Countries and in its location. The Early Modern period of the reformations is at the core of the research. Because this period is the birth ground of the Protestant churches in the West. Confessional and religious diversity, is still an important factor in understanding the plurality of churches and their respective relations to government and society in Europe.

The Centre for Dutch Reformation Studies fosters the ideal of interaction with history as studied at the universities and with church historical research in similar institutions in the Netherlands, in Europe and internationally. It wants to present sound (church)historical scholarship and train a new generation of students in this discipline. Focus on reformations and their impact offers a magnificent background for the study of sources, traditions and schools of scholarship.”

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