Eighth Herman Bavinck Lecture

13 juni 2024
19:30 - 21:00
Aula TUU

Bavinck Lecture Series

In the Herman Bavinck Lecture series scholars are invited who share Bavinck’s love for the Reformed tradition, are aware of the appeal of his vision of grace as a transforming force in both personal life and in society and culture, and in their scholarly endeavour reflect his deep and Catholic vision of the Christian faith. They are asked to address in their lecture key questions regarding the contribution which Reformed theology can make to church and society in a postmodern world.

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Eighth Herman Bavinck Lecture

Prof. dr. James Eglinton

From sensus divinitatis to sensus numenis: reading culture as a product of the soul with J.H. Bavinck

Dr. James Eglinton is the Meldrum Senior Lecturer in Reformed Theology at New College University of Edinburgh.

He wrote his doctoral dissertation on Herman Bavinck’ theology Trinity and Organism (2012). He also completed the first English-language scholarly biography of Herman Bavinck (Baker Academic, 2020).

Dr. Eglinton has broad interests in Reformed theologies and theologians, with particular foci on late modern Dutch Reformed theology, Scottish-Dutch Reformed connections, public theology, and the relationship of theology to the phenomenon of multilingualism.

Dr. James Eglinton.

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