Conference: Education, Formation and the Church III

31 oktober 2024
Plompetorengracht 3, Utrecht

Raising new generations in a posttraditional society

Education and formation can be seen as the conversation between generations. This happens in families, churches and schools. Schools can be seen as places where traditions are handed over to new generations in an organized way. Being an educated or civilized person means to be traditioned in moral, cultural and religious knowledge, attitudes and practices. This is especially true for religious education where we introduce young people into the traditions, rites and habits of an already established faith. Traditioning can be seen as a necessary part of a pedagogic approach and can be  helpful in nurturing social and moral imagination. Nowadays we raise new generations in a society that is typified as ‘posttraditional’.

In education we tend to overlook the dimension of traditioning, forgetting how the human person is always part of a religious, moral and cultural narrative. The conference is dedicated to the meaning of traditions and traditioning for Christian education and formation today. Researchers, teachers, students that are somehow interested in this theme are invited to participate.

Speakers and program Conference: Education, Formation and the Church III

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