On this page you will find some options for studying abroad. You can think about taking a minor or module or doing a taster internship. But you can also think about a research internship. If you are interested, we advise you to contact the international office ( We would be happy to help you!

There are several ways to qualify for a scholarship. TU wants to help you in many ways:

  • Assisting in arranging your studies,
  • helping you find a suitable place
  • generally reimbursing 50% of the extra costs. (This is standard when your project is within the framework of your studies. Should your project be separate from your studies, individual arrangements should be made for this).

To receive the scholarship, you must meet a number of conditions:

  • you are in Bachelor year 3, Master Pastor theology year 2 or 3 or you are doing the General Master.
  • you are studying at our university for at least 1 year
  • at the moment of application your backlog does not exceed 30 ECTS and your average grade is at least a 7.
  • you must have permission from the examination board.
  • you must have a tutor


TU is in contact with all kinds of institutions around the world. They are theologically related and of good academic level. So studying at these institutions is easily arranged. Here you will find the list of institutions for study abroad.


Before you fill out your application, talk to the International Office. They can give you good tips and answer questions. In your official application, justify your request and attach a budget. The International Office will decide on the application in consultation with the CvB. You can send your letter (possibly digitally) to the International Office. Applications must be submitted no later than three months before the start of the study abroad program.

Advanced Theological Studies Fellowship

Read more about ATSF here.


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